Forza D’Aro, which boasts a past rich in glory, history, culture and tradition, finds its location, between the provinces of Messina and Catania, at 420 meters above the crystalline Ionian Sea.

This small town, no more than a thousand souls, in recent years has managed to adapt to various types of tourism; from the young man looking for fun, to the adult tired of worldly chaos. Both immerse themselves in the quiet and greenery of this town that dominated by the castle preserves a clear medieval layout with its houses huddled together between narrow alleys.

One can only be amazed by observing the ancient structures that do not exceed the two elevation planes, keeping intact the features of the time. One is amazed at the sight of the castle and its gatehouse from the fortified walls, and one cannot but admire the fifteenth-century Cathedral of the SS. Annunziata, powerful but harmonious, to then be enchanted lower down by the beautiful church of the Triad with its spectacular Durazzesco Arch and the adjoining Augustinian Convent. As you move away from the inhabited center, you cannot fail to notice that the landscape becomes wooded, with old farmhouses, majestic refuges obtained from atmospheric agents such as Rocche a Scala; going further on, it is possible to see, through Santoleo, the seduction that the Forzese campaign spreads. Going back and going down from the Vignale, past the Canale fountain, you arrive in the Casale district. You will be enchanted by observing the signs of the past: the perimeter walls in stone and earth and the church of San Michele. From a distance you can see another Scifì village, a hamlet of Forza d'Agrò, where you can breathe the same harmony and serenity.

One cannot help but notice that the local cuisine synthesizes, in a harmonious and original fusion, the best that this lively and generous land has to offer. To the highest national gastronomy, with equal dignity, it knows how to combine the traditional one that has its roots in the most authentic peasant culture based on the Mediterranean diet.

Each dish, from the simplest to the most elaborate, manifests creativity, imagination, joy of life; in a party of colors and flavors to be admired and enjoyed.




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